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We have an extensive range of equipment for your hire days. Please just let us know what backdrops you'd like before your booking and we can get them set up for your arrival. 

Just drop us an email to book.



  • x3 PIXAPRO Storm II 600 High-Speed powered flash heads​

  • x2 SL200II Daylight Super Quiet COB LED Video & Photo Lights

  • x3 PIXAPRO Super heavy Duty Boom stands​

  • PIXAPRO AC trigger (Covering SONY & CANON DSLR Camera's)​

  • x3 PIXAPRO softboxes 

  • Black/Silver umbrella with removable translucent diffuser

  • 70cm (27.5") White Beauty Dish Light Modifier & Honeycomb Grid

  • PIXAPRO Optical Snoot Spot Projector - including patterns & multiple coloured gels



  • X2 Ghost Mannequins (1 female & 1 male)

  • X3 white posing boxes, Large, Medium & Small

  • Floor turn table (models up to 150kg can stand on)

  • X2 Poly boards with holders

  • Mini walking machine

  • Wooden Stool

  • Mini Ladder

  • Directors Chair

  • Bubble MachineWind Machine & Smoke Machine

  • Ring light & Glow Lamp

  • Tethering laptop stand & lead for Sony DSLR's

  • Jewellery product photography props - Earring holder - Multiple stones


  • All of our paper backdrops are 2.18m wide

  • We offer these in a large range of colours, please check before booking to see which ones are available if you're after a specific colour

  • Green screen is (this is our chroma green colour backdrop)

  • Hand painted backdrops;
    Light Pink / Dark Pink / Golden / Silver options please ask to see photos of each 

  • Mirrored Floor

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