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All FAQ'S are below for you, if you still have any questions for us, please get in touch, we'd be happy to help.

  • Is there a cafe near the studio?
    There is GAFF Cafe just downstairs right below the studio, they offer everything down to breakfast, lunches, coffees, snacks & even wine if you fancy!
  • What if we need more time on the day?
    That's not an issue please just let me know and I'll let you know if there is another booking after yours, if not then no problem!
  • Can you help me find models for my shoot?
    Absolutely yes! When you also book a photographer in your studio hire then we can plan everything for you, from models, to make up artists, videographers, stylists, hair stylists & also assistants on the day! Just let us know your creation plans and we can work together.
  • How do we find the studio?
    Lux Studios is based in Jam studios just inside the Biscuit Factory. And the Biscuit Factory is just a 10 minute walk from Bermondsey tube station.
  • How many people are allowed in the studio?
    The studio can have up to x15 people in there per shoot.
  • Can you help me find an assistant for the day?
    Absolutely no worries, just give me at least a weeks notice to help you find an assistant for your shoot day.
  • Can we add a photographer to our booking if needed?
    Yes, on the rates shown there is also an option to add a photographer onto your booking. It will be Olivia (instagram @photographs_by_olivia) just drop a message to let us know when you'd like to book for so we can make sure dates are available.
  • Is there parking at the studio?
    Sadly parking has been removed from the Biscuit Factory due to works going on...however there is plenty of parking around close to the Biscuit Factory, or just use the app 'JustPark' to book your parking prior to your hire.
  • Can I add a photographer to my studio hire?
    Absolutely! There is an option to add a photographer onto your booking when you book through the website, just add to your hire. It will be Olivia and you can check out her work on instagram @photographs_by_olivia
  • Can we play music in the studio?
    Yes you can, there is a speaker there for you to use however we just ask that you keep the sound down to a lower level to respect the other offices around us :)
  • Can you help me set up for my hire?
    Of course, I can help set up the lighting for you, your camera if needed & also will set up x3 backdrops for your shoot, just let me know which ones you'd like the day before your hire!
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